Crazy About Erin is my heart project. I wrote it with my talented and very good friend Shannon Tanner after our good friend, and one of my very best friends, Alicia Jordan died. They say laughter is good for the soul...well the joy that came from writing this script saved my soul during the very painful time of mourning her tragic death. Crazy About Erin is a comedic web-series currently in pre-production.




Just your average Girl meets Boy, (who happens to be stuffed), and falls madly in love…story.


Who say’s PERFECT love does not exist? Meet Erin Jamison, she has everything working in her favor; including the attention of the country as reality cameras document her journey to the altar in what is quickly becoming the most anticipated wedding of the century. So why are those closest to her determined to sabotage her romantic engagement and forever ruin her ardent joy?


Yes, Hank Wallace, Erin’s fiancé, may be the perfect gentleman, the strong silent type, safe, non-threatening, loyal and consistent to the core but for the affluent Jamison family he lacks one thing, a pulse. Her doting father Edward Jamison is mortified as Erin continuously and publicly professes her love for Hank. Her ambitious younger brother Randy Jamison and a host of others are prepared to do whatever it takes to capitalize on Erin and Hanks new found media fame and CRAZY love affair. Erin’s ex-fiancé and famous soap opera star Marcus Williams is convinced that he was CRAZY to ever let Erin go and will do EVERYTHING within his might to win her back!


Meanwhile Erin is simply starry-eyed and head-over heels in love with the first PERFECT man she has ever met. She is convinced that she will live happily ever after in total bliss, totally unaware that pretty soon the ENTIRE country will be CRAZY ABOUT ERIN.


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