Thirteen years ago I joined with three women to embark on a journey that would not only change our lives but the lives of everyone we encountered. We came together with one idea, to use our gifts and talents in a way that would offer healing to women through laughter, transparency and tears. We made a choice to stand on stage naked in our pain, transparent about our mistakes and bold in the faith that led us to that moment. We shared our true stories, our way: No props, no sets, and no regrets. Three women, sharing three stories woven together to create a commonality that we called: STEM. STEM served as a reminder to others that they were not alone and that if we could overcome so could they.


Recently, with the onslaught of social media and a 24hr virtual community, we found out that the true stories we shared years ago STILL resonate today. Innocently enough, I decided to participate in Facebook’s “Throw-back-Thursday” tradition by posting one of the old STEM monologues that featured my true story of how I had struggled with body image and an eating disorder in my youth. The response was swift and overwhelming. The post received several hundred likes and shares. The comments flooded in ranging from gratitude that the issue was addressed in such a relatable way, to “Thank God! You gave a voice to what I have felt for years”. We all received several messages in our in-boxes from people excited about a possible STEM revival or newcomers asking when they could see more.


We received our mandate. The need for the raw, soul-level connection that STEM offered was palpable. So, thirteen years after we took to the stage to tell our stories, we reunited to create a DVD to share the message and the healing of STEM with the world. We once again use comedy and drama to tackle issues that are rarely given a voice such as rape, domestic violence and body shame amongst young women. And this time we blend the past with the present and address important issues like Alzheimer’s, Divorce, Aging and Infertility. STEM is a docu-dramedy whose time has come. Our goal is to create a movement of healing that comes from the honesty of open hearts and shared truths.


STEM stars: Erin Sands, Maura Gale and TV Blake.

STEM is available on DVD beginning Spring 2017!



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