I am a soul warrior. I have always been a soul warrior. What is profound about that is I just realized it about myself a few short years ago.


I have always been the friend or family member who people told their inner most secrets too.

The stranger that you meet by chance and wonder why you felt comfortable enough to reveal an intimate part of your heart.

The home-girl that asks the probing questions that makes you think and SEE things on a deeper level.

The confidante who cheers you on, cries with you and knows where all of the bodies are buried…because she was there when you buried them.

The one who challenges you to be brave and hope like you never got hurt.


I AM A SOUL WARRIOR…that is why I wrote The Dunes….


…. a book that takes you on a journey through 7 Life-Changing revelations. Each revelation contains Soul Searching Journal Questions and a CHALLENGE for the reader.


 It’s why I created The Awakening ….


…a one-of-a-kind online course that provides you with the tools to nurture your spiritual, emotional and physical well-being.


and why I co-wrote and co-produced STEM….


an indie film where true stories of pain and triumph are shared to create the kind of HEALING that happens when a spirit of transparency abounds and shame is rendered null and void.


So welcome to the page that reveals my heart. Come here I share intimate truths from The Dunes, The Awakening and STEM to water your soul! I promise you one thing and one thing only: a palpable, raw, soul-level connection.


Yours Truly,

The Soul Warrior,

Erin Sands



© 2017 Erin Sands.  All rights reserved.