You have the power to overcome

crippling fear.




I am happy to share the journey of Sherea Vejauan with you, she is truly a “soul warrior”. As you can see from the video, when Sherea began her journey through The Dunes she had been living in a prison of fear for years. Although many of us do not experience fear to the degree that Sherea was being affected by it, we each have our own story where we have allowed fear to block us in some way or another. What I love about Sherea’s story is that because her fears were more extreme than most peoples, it took a great deal of courage to make the decision to allow The Dunes journey to assist her in releasing the fears that had held her back. When I encountered Sherea months after her journey through The Dunes, she had literally and physically lost the weight of the fears that had imprisoned her. She had become an author and an entrepreneur and was now encouraging people to set life goals and be their BEST SELF.

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….and know that if she can do it …so can you!


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